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Marshalltown, IA — Reunion Hall

Sunday, Sep 2, 2001

show # 10

flyer for Marshalltown, IA — Reunion Hall


venue: Reunion Hall
Marshalltown, IA

time: 6:00 pm
door: $5 age: all-ages

review: Driving into Marshalltown, it looked like a really small, very farmlike place. We pulled up next to the venue & it was deserted. However, there was a sign on the door saying the show had moved, & then we ran into Lindy, the promoter, who told us to follow him to the new location, a recreation center building in a park. Lots of kids started arriving (60 or more). The first band was HOPE LIES WITHIN from Cedar Rapids IA, who were a bit difficult on the ears -- earsplittingly loud and industrial sounding. Their frontman did lots of rock moves, then he karate-kicked the microphone stand. Not cool, dude. Next was local band ROCKS AND ROOFTOPS, who did a melodic midtempo rock thing with occasional harmonica bits. The next band was supposed to be PREACHER GONE TO TEXAS, but they never showed up (guess they went to Texas) so we were up next. I think we might have jarred the audience a little at first, but we played our songs & held everyone's attention, & afterwards people gave us a lot of positive comments. Next was a great performance from THE HONOR SYSTEM. Thanks & congrats to Lindy on putting on his first show, it was a good time!

Souix Falls, SD — house show

Saturday, Sep 1, 2001

show # 9

flyer for Souix Falls, SD — house show


venue: house show
1310 E. 7th
Souix Falls, SD

time: 6:00 pm
door: $4 age: all-ages

review: As our van pulled up in front of the 7th St. House, a lady from the house across the street gave us a look. She'd plainly seen our kind before, and wasn't pleased. Kids started showing up for the show; they were hanging out on the sidewalk and the front porch. About 40 kids showed up. Show organizer Jason said they have shows here about once a month (thanx Jason for letting us play & crash). The basement filled up with kids, and the first band was local pop-punky band THE UNIES. Next was THE FOURTH QUARTER JINX (from Watertown SD, I believe), emitting some catchy, upbeat & danceable pop-punk. We played next, then THE HONOR SYSTEM. Soon after, it was suggested that we go to another show, which we did. The route to the show went through a construction site and up a gravelly hill (difficult for heavily laden tour vans) to a big ol' concrete building. Inside, locals THE BLUE LETTER BAND were rockin' with some melodic hardcore that reminded me a lot of HOT WATER MUSIC. Then we all went to a party, where we witnessed the following phenomenon: the drummer of the BLUE LETTER BAND runs, jumps on a chair, then lands on the floor doing the the splits! Woohoo! Splits Guy!

Stevens Point, WI — Mission Coffee

Saturday, Aug 25, 2001

show # 8

flyer for Stevens Point, WI — Mission Coffee


venue: Mission Coffee
1319 Strong Ave.
Stevens Point, WI

phone: 715-342-1002
time: 8:00 pm
age: all-ages

review: This was our first out-of-state show, and the first of a 3-day weekend that we are playing with THE HONOR SYSTEM. The venue was a coffee house, where about eight years ago, Douglas had actually played with his old band 8-BARK. The crowd seemd pretty sparse at first, but eventually about 30 kids trickled in. The first band was COUNTERMETHOD from Wisconsin Rapids, who played some melodic, hardcore-tinged rock with some mellow parts. It was their first show. Then it was our turn, we played our eight songs & were pretty well received by "the kids." Then THE HONOR SYSTEM played, it was one of the best shows I've seen them play. They've played this place before & their brand of melodic & complex hardcore went over well with the kids. After the show we all stayed at the owner/promoter Daniel's house. Thanks Daniel for letting us play & putting us up!

Chicago, IL — Albion House

Friday, Jun 29, 2001

show # 7


venue: Albion House
1719 W. Albion
Chicago, IL 60626-3917

time: 8:00 pm
door: $5 age: all-ages

review: After rocking the Fireside, we made a beeline for the home of our bass player Jake & HONOR SYSTEM guitar player Dan, where the party was already in progress. The first band was called SEEDY SEA CONTROVERSY & was sort of introspective, melodic, mid-tempo stuff. Next was the acoustic dude with a guitar, I only caught the last 2 songs. We were next, opening up with "Messin' with the Kid" and a James Brown tune "Backdoor Santa" before launching into our own weird shit. Then HONOR SYSTEM played, featuring new guitar guy Tyler. A good time was had by all. Thanks a bundle to Dan & Carrie!

Chicago, IL — the Fireside Bowl

Friday, Jun 29, 2001

show # 6


venue: the Fireside Bowl
Chicago, IL

time: 6:00 pm
door: $5 age: all-ages

review: Welp, we found ourselves back at the Fireside again...this time we were "headlining" the early show! Gawd, we're such rock stars! It was godawful hot and there weren't a lot of people there. First up was THE BOTTOM LINE from Cincinnati, emitting some melodic punkness. Next was GOAT SHANTY from Georgia, a two-piece with ex-members of TRES KIDS, exuding fast, noisy hc noise...Their drummer had broken his right foot, so he learned how to play all the songs with his left foot--not an easy thing to do. Interestingly, all their songs have numbers instead of names (why didn't I think of that?) Then there was an intermission, featuring the "GOAT SHANTY ROADIES". Finally there was us. This was the first time we played our new song, "Done Been Gone". Thanks to everybody who came & saw us, especially Justin Van Halen (who I think qualifies as our #1 "superfan")!!

Chicago, IL — the Fireside Bowl

Friday, May 4, 2001

show # 5

flyer for Chicago, IL — the Fireside Bowl


venue: the Fireside Bowl
2648 W. Fullerton Ave.
Chicago, IL

phone: 773-486-2700
time: 7:00 pm
door: $6 age: all-ages

review: First was LAST DITCH EFFORT, I don't remember where they were from, the music was punk/hc based but had some odd times & original song structures.. Our dumb band played next. Then KILL SADIE (from Seattle) played, they were unusual & good...very dark & atmospheric...definitely not your run-of-the-mill hardcore band. There were about 7 people in the band including 2 keyboard players. Patrick (ex-V.REVERSE) played guitar. Last was TREPAN NATION, this was the first time I saw the rockin' "new" lineup, with Mike singing & new guitar player Sam. Anyway, it was a good time...glad to have a chance to play the Fireside again since we've been hearing all these rumors of it closing and stuff.

Chicago, IL — The Mutiny

Saturday, Apr 7, 2001

show # 4


venue: The Mutiny
Chicago, IL

time: 10:00 pm
age: 21+

review: We played at the Mutiny, a neighborhood bar on Western Ave. & Fullerton Ave. that started having shows about a year (?) ago. The place is a long room with the stage at the end, kind of like the Lounge Ax used to be. The crowd included "regular guys" as well as punky show-goers, & everything in between. We were pleased that the 2 Justins (Government & Van Halen) showed up. We were first, and emitted a blues cover tune, then our original weird shit. Next THE GEEZERS played, featuring new bass player Ron. The highlight of their set was Joe Geezer's rant about "the Chinese having our spy plane". Drunk rockers THE MASHERS headlined, those guys are animals! Me and Joe Mushugana were betting on whether guitar #1 was gonna puke on stage, but he didn't. Thanks to the Mutiny folks for having us!

Chicago, IL, — WLUW Radio

Friday, Apr 6, 2001

show # 3


venue: WLUW Radio
Chicago, IL

time: 11:00 pm
age: all-ages

description: Live on the air, on the Government Music show at Loyal University's radio station, WLUW 88.7 FM.
review: we played on the Government Music show at Loyal University's radio station, WLUW 88.7 FM. The radio show happens every Friday from 11 pm to 6 am. This week's bands were us and AUTHORITY ABUSE. Present were Justin Government & Justin Van Halen, as well as Dan who does the late show, Scott Harmless, and various other folks. AUTHORITY ABUSE played first, emitting some good solid hardcore. The rest of us crowded around the doorway to the small room they were in, trying to get a look. There was a minor snafu when the door of the control room was accidentally locked with nobody in there, but it all worked out. We played next and were videotaped by Eloy, another one of the radio station folks. It was fun and we felt more like we were playing for the eight or so people in the station, 'cause we didn't really know who was listening out there. It turned out that people were indeed listening, because a guy called up and talked to Douglas. Then Justin VH interviewed us a bit. When somebody asked us what our name means, Jake enigmatically replied, "Do you like submarines?"

La Salle, IL — Illinois Valley Banquet Center

Saturday, Mar 31, 2001

show # 2

flyer for La Salle, IL — Illinois Valley Banquet Center


venue: Illinois Valley Banquet Center
920 2nd Street
La Salle, IL 61301

time: 6:00 pm
door: $6 age: all-ages

review: We played our second show on Saturday, March 31, in LaSalle, IL, at the Illinois Valley Banquet Center. This was a pretty large hall with an actual sound system, party lights and a disco ball. The show was organized by Tony. I think he also does the Apocalyse Hoboken website. LaSalle is a pretty small town, and there were about 35 people at the show, plus some friends of the bands who came down from Chicago. We played first, followed by the MUSHUGANAS, then MEXICAN CHEERLEADER & APOCALYPSE HOBOKEN. All the bands played pretty rockin' sets, but MEXICAN CHEERLEADER was the most successful in inducing people to dance. There was one dude who came to the show on crutches, and he was actually dancing pretty vigorously on crutches. After the show, the bands went to the Super 8 motel (joined by Tony and some other local folks) to party it up. Some other kids from the show followed us and gave us some stuff like soda and bananas, we could tell they wanted to hang out and party, but since they were all about 14, it wouldn't have been wise. In fact, later that nite, the cops came and we all almost got kicked out. Anyway, a good time was had by all. Many thanks to Tony (you rule!!!) for inviting us to play, & we look forward to the next time.

Chicago, IL — Infant Island

Saturday, Mar 24, 2001

show # 1

with: "Y", SIN ORDEN, HE WHO CORRUPTS, and 2 others

venue: Infant Island
Chicago, IL

time: 8:00 pm
door: $5 age: all-ages

review: We played our first show at Infant Island which is a punk rock basement on Chicago's north side. Shows there are usually pretty well-attended; it's a friendly, smoky, beer-drinking and fun atmosphere. The other bands we played with ("Y", SIN ORDEN, HE WHO CORRUPTS, and 2 others) were mostly pretty crusty hardcore-ish type music, so we were definitely the "weird" band. There were about 80 people at the show. Some of our friends had turned up to see our first public appearance, and Brian of CANADIAN RIFLE shot some video of us, which you can see on this website. Bob and Jeff who live at/run Infant Island, and Dave Song who set up that show are all great people who did a great job. Thanks guys.

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